Why TopShield?

The excellence in coating

Proudly designed in Italy, TopShield products respond to specific needs of the Military & LE segment in terms of coating process and protection of their manifactures thanks to an innovative chemical formula. 

TopShield products are high performance ceramic-PTFE coatings that guarantee superior resistance and protection for every surface of the Military & LE equipment, including firearms (short and long), sound suppressors, optics and knives.

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Key points

Choosing TopShield means:

  • Zero waste thanks to an extended pot-life. You can stop working and save the remaining coating for the following session. Good for you, good for the environment.

  • Outstanding performances with a single layer of only 15 µm: 9H scratches resistance, over 250 hours of salt spry chamber, fuel, lubricant and aggressive liquids immunity. Apply it wherever you desire, even on the most stressed surfaces!

  • Thermical resistance up to 450°C without signs of delamination. 

  • Easy application even on non-previously sandblasted surfaces. Clean your weapon and start the customisation!

  • Faster product industrialisation and easier painting paint optimisation thanks to a timely and continuous technical assistance on site.

products & services


TopShield 2K

Co-designed with European firearm producers, TopShield 2K is now available to protect and restore your weapon



Upgrade your final outcome on non-sandblasted surfaces by choosing the easiest descaling and degreasing treatment 


TopShield 2K Titanium

Titanium nanoparticle structures ensure an undestoryable layer of protection and beauty

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Varnish kit

Everything you need to dose, measure, mix, blend, shake, spray, brush, level and even remove TopShield. 


TopShield 2K LT

Originally designed for metallic surfaces, TopShield 2K can now be used on polymeric parts too. One weapon, one color.


Find your applicator

Don't know how to correctly tilt the nozzle at 45°? Contact one of our certified applicators and enjoy the result

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