TopShield 2K is the only PTFE-ceramic coating that responds to the market needs and ensures to lessen the costs of coating and raise the productive performances thanks to:

  • easy application even on non-previously sandblasted surfaces;
  • long lasting pot-life;
  • consistency of tint among different production batches;
  • suitableness to electostatic application systems;
  • technical support onsite. 

Try it on your weapon and start the customisation!

Available in the TopShield 2K (hight temperature - metallic surfaces oven cured) and TopShield 2K LT (low temperature - polymeric and metallic surfaces air cured) versions.

TopShield 2K / Pop Collection

Pop Collection
  • In the price displayed it is included: chosen coating (part A - TopShield 2K/TopShield 2K LT), activator (part B - TopShield 2K) or hardener (part B - TopShield 2K LT), thinner (part C - 100 ml) in the correct quantities. Use a precise weight scale to combine the correct quantities as disclaimed in the technical data sheet.

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